I’m pregnant now and would like to book you for our newborn photos. What should I do?

Get in touch using the Contact Form and let me know your due date. I can answer any specific questions and will also send you an email with a PDF link that has more information.

*To officially book a spot near your due date, two things are needed: a deposit and a Portrait Agreement. Everything can be done online!

Then we are all set for now! After that, you just want to be sure to contact me within a day or two of birth so we can schedule the photoshoot date within the 5-14 day timeframe.

When is the best time to book my photos?

I recommend booking as soon as you know you want newborn photos. This is typically in the early second trimester. I will always try to take later/ last minute bookings as well but can’t always accommodate them because some months are busier than others and there is a limited timeframe to do newborn photos within.

I booked, but what if my baby comes earlier or later than expected? Or has a nicu stay?

No problem at all! Pretty much no baby is born on their due date! Just be sure to contact me within a day or two of birth so we can still schedule the session within the ideal time frame. If you are having a scheduled C-section or induction, we can schedule ahead of time. If baby has a nicu stay, we will schedule the session asap once he/she is home.

When and where are newborn photos done?

Newborn photos are best taken within 5-14 days after birth in my studio. (I will do a mini session for babies up to 3 or 4 weeks of age). My studio is located in the South Hills, about 15 minutes south of the city of Pittsburgh and I schedule the sessions for weekday mornings. Each session takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on what package you select and how sleepy baby is.

What should I expect once I arrive for the session?

You can sit back and relax! I will have everything set up ahead of time and take care of it all from start to finish, (other than breastfeeding)! You can enjoy watching your baby get his/her photos taken and get a few hours to yourself!

Do I need to buy or bring anything for the baby to wear?

Nope! I got you covered! I provide everything we need to photograph the baby and you can pick your own color palette. I am constantly adding new headbands, hats, props, etc to my collection. If you’d like to bring something of your own, you are welcome to! Just let me know ahead of time so I can plan how best to incorporate it.

My baby has scratches, dry skin, red marks, etc. What should I do?

No problem at all! Almost all babies have funky skin! I edit it all to look nice!

What if my baby poops or pees while you are photographing him/her?

It happens all the time! I do a lot of laundry, lol.

What if my baby is uncooperative for the session?

Don’t worry about it! I have over a decade of experience doing this and work with well over a hundred babies a year. Most are great sleepers and, with my experience in handling them safely and properly, are very easy to photograph at this age. But of course, there are always a few that will get gassy, fussy, or just have an awake spell while here. To help ensure extra sleepiness, I will send you detailed prep tips before the session that will hopefully help to avoid this, but I always allow extra time if we need to settle baby more than normal. We will also accommodate and adjust the poses so that baby is the most comfortable he/she can be. Sometimes, these fussy babies end up with some of the cutest pics!

When will my photos be ready?

Quickly! I pride myself in customer service and part of that is having your photos edited right away. I promise you will never wait more than ten days (at the maximum!) to get your gallery. I will email you a link to your gallery and post some favorite images online so you can show off your baby right away!

Do I get digital photos?

Yes! All of my packages include high resolution digital images and a print release for you. You may use the print release for personal use for any types of prints, albums, birth announcements, etc that you wish to make. I also offer high end professional albums, prints, and canvases that you can purchase from me at any time. You can see pics here and I will have samples for you to look at during your session!

What experience do you have?

I have been photographing newborns for over a decade now and I photograph over a hundred newborn babies each year. I have taken an in-person newborn photography workshop and always continue with online learning; taking several classes per year. And, as my schedule permits, I also mentor other newborn photographers myself.

I also have three kids of my own, ages 11, 9, and 4!

Prior to focusing on newborns, I learned photography through private lessons and shadowing of a prominent local wedding photographer. I began my career photographing mostly weddings but quickly found that photographing newborn babies was completely what I loved!

And, before changing careers, I used my business and psychology degrees from Washington & Jefferson College to work in HR. I was the Assistant Director of Human Resources for a non-profit organization. I liked that too but nothing beats creating beautiful images of sweet sweet new babies!

Do you offer anything other than newborn photos?

New in 2023- YES! In the past I have had very limited availability (due to childcare) so I've offered only newborn shoots with very few exceptions. But, all 3 of my kids will be full time school in 2023 so I'm thrilled to open my schedule for more "older baby" photoshoots!
Learn more by visiting the "Older Babies" section of my website.

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